Myers Briggs Personality Profiling

Experience has shown that Myers Briggs personality profiling is a fantastic tool for self and team development. It’s used worldwide for:

  • Understanding yourself; why you might do things one way and not another
  • Developing yourself; you know what your natural preferences are and therefore how to get the best from yourself, your strengths and therefore how to develop and compensate for your weaknesses
  • Understanding others; it helps explain why people do things in a certain way, why they are different from you
  • Understanding how to get on with other people and work together most effectively
  • Team building; how to leverage strengths and work together effectively
  • Enhancing communication between people; different people have different needs
  • Dealing with conflict; based on better understanding of one another
  • Making sure you’re in the right kind of job; certain types are better suited to certain careers
  • Building relationships
  • Enhancing ability to influence people

It’s based on a questionnaire that you fill in yourself, and then you are helped, either individually or in a group, to confirm your profile and understand the implications. It’s extremely well researched and well used throughout the world.