Coaching at Work

Catherine says

‘I offer my clients the chance to reflect on what’s going on for them, to build on the successes and to tackle dissatisfactions, frustrations and areas of weakness. I encourage clients to set goals in achieving whatever will make the most difference to them, personally or professionally, and I am tenacious in challenging them to succeed. I work with the current issues the client is facing at the time; I want and expect clients to be committed to making the changes they identify as important.’

Coaching accelerates the personal and professional development of leaders and professionals who are committed to improving their performance and wellbeing at work.

Issues typically covered in coaching sessions

  • Leadership – understanding what it takes to be an effective leader and how to lead
  • Influencing – how to influence, navigate politics and build networks
  • Relationships – building better relationships and understanding with line manager/colleagues/team membersTeam and team member development – accelerating team performance, motivation and engagement
  • Fitting it all in – coping with hugely demanding workloads
  • Dealing with ongoing change – personally and in managing and implementing change initiatives
  • Resilience – keeping spirits, mood and energy up when constantly challenged
  • Career issues – planning the next step, interview preparation etc
  • Developing specific skills or competencies – e.g. presentations, emotional regulation etc

Coaching helps you to:

  • Understand how the way you think impacts your behaviour and therefore how others perceive you
  • Set goals and to find new ways of achieving those goals, consistent with the values of the organisation
  • Work out what is really important to do an excellent job and to find practical ways of making this happen
  • Find better, more effective ways of dealing with ongoing challenges and day-to-day issues
  • Coaching can also help newly formed teams to reach high levels of  performance quickly or help established teams to improve their effectiveness

Catherine says,

‘ I work with clients who want to understand more about themselves, why they do what they do and what impact this has. This is the foundation for changing attitudes and behaviour. Coaching can only help people who are willing to make changes to how they think about things and what they do.’